Spend Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street With Felix’s


With all the parades, non-stop parties, music, and energy, there's no doubt that Mardi Gras is the most exciting time of the year to be in New Orleans. Why not enhance your Carnival experience and spend Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street with Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar?


The Ultimate Mardi Gras Experience


Mardi Gras in New Orleans means people—lots and lots of people. Instead of fighting the crowds and waiting in long lines for food, drinks, and less-than-ideal bathrooms, let Felix's take care of you. We're opening up our French Quarter location to guests during Mardi Gras and offering all of the Carnival essentials in one convenient location.


What's Included With A Wristband?

1) Full access to our upstairs area and balcony and can feel free to come and go as needed during the allotted times.

2) Favorite selections from Felix's food menu 

3) Open bar with all you need to get the party started.

4) Clean and easily accessible bathroom

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Our Mardi Gras wristband packages are available for the following date and time:


Mardi Gras wristbands from Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar are limited and will likely sell out fast. Skip the crowds and long lines and make your Big Easy Mardi Gras experience an event to remember—buy your wristband today before it's too late!

Call for Details: 504-224-2792

Disclaimer: Management has the right to revoke wristbands at their discretion.